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Friends of Bexleyheath Academy

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About us


  • Development of creative learners, participants, thinkers, performers and student leaders, along with teachers, practices and activities;
  • Ensuring that everyone at BA is enabled to be creative in their work, their planning and ambitions.


  • Set the highest of aspirations for ALL;
  • Provide opportunities for ALL to develop and grow through learning, discovery, activities and personal engagement;
  • Instill a culture of achievement and ambition among our students .


  • Supporting ALL within the Academy to be resilient learners and participants within their learning journey – through the good attendance, punctuality;
  • Equipping them with the skills to learn and undertake new challenges;
  • Challenging them every day to set their sights higher and achieve their best


  • Encourage all students to support each other;
  • To engage within their school, local and wider communities;
  • To be aware of the world around them and find ways in which they can engage in it;
  • To help others and to be active members of the Academy and Community.


  • WE create and support a valid, appropriate and varied curriculum that enables ALL to be successful;
  • WE aspire for every lesson to be outstanding;
  • Students engage in and love their learning;
  • WE offer an engaging enrichment programme for all;
  • Our children AND parents aspire to University, training or further education;
  • Our Students, Parents AND teachers pursue a journey of Learning whilst attending BA

Vision Statement – “To help students achieve world class learning outcomes by developing world class teachers in a world class community”.

Values and Beliefs

"Through our actions and behaviours we will strive to develop young people who:”

  • Respect themselves and the community i.e. people, property, the environment
  • Seek to have a positive impact on society
  • Are polite, calm, caring, honest, trustworthy and helpful
  • Are responsible, independent and supportive of each other
  • Are tolerant, open minded and not prejudiced
  • Are determined and have a strong work ethic
  • Will be thoughtful and compassionate with the ability to listen and challenge in a considerate fashion
  • Have good communication skills
  • Offer themselves as good role models for future generations of learners and citizens
  • Can demonstrate strong self-belief and confidence, and have high aspirations
  • Are team players who can work and support others, and where necessary are able to take leadership roles

“We will help young people to have healthy lifestyles by ensuring that they:”

  • Are confident and have good self esteem.
  • Have developed their self-knowledge and their emotional, spiritual and cultural awareness.
  • Understand and follow healthy lifestyles, take regular exercise, eat and drink healthily, and knows about and make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Have engaged in and understand the need for personal, social and health education including:
    • Sex and relationship education ensuring a good understanding of sexual matters
    • Alcohol and drugs misuse
    • Effects of the environment on their health
  • Participate in sports, leisure and the arts, and have other positive interests and hobbies.
  • Have engaged in and understand the need for moral, social and cultural development and special educational needs.
  • Know where to get advice when necessary

“We will help young people to stay safe by developing their ability to:"

  • Attend Bexleyheath Academy regularly and be punctual at all times.
  • Behave well in lessons and about the Academy.
  • Not to be involved in bullying, violence, racism, or any forms of harassment, exploitation, or anti-social behaviour.
  • Understand and apply the principles that help distinguish right from wrong and which govern our laws.
  • Recognise signs of personal stress and develop successful ways of managing it.
  • Understand about key risks and dangers posed by:  
  • Some adults (through abuse, maltreatment, neglect, violence and sexual exploitation).
  • The use of computers (such as Internet, email/messaging, blogs and social websites) and learn how these can be avoided.
  • Act responsibly in high risk situations, such as in the use of potentially dangerous tools, equipment and in physical contact sports.
  • Develop good and trusting relationships with one or more adults in Academy.
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